Project Management

Every project starts with a problem to solve; whether it’s how to create a workplace that will attract the best staff, how to build for a future that is constantly changing, or how to create value while replacing buildings at the end of their lifespan.

Project management is providing you the framework to solve your specific problem and expert guidance and expertise to drive the best result.

Project management is independant and not tied to any designer or contractor. We are focussed on driving the best solution, to your time and budget constraints, at your speed.

We provide construction project management services from conception to post hand over, including being your single point of interface with a design team and contractor, leading them, managing cost and timeline, and ensuring that your objectives are met.


Changing mobility habits, whether to fit in a new building with less parking, reduce CO2 emmissions, or encourage staff to return to work post COVID, requires a mobility plan.

A mobility plan involves five steps :

Step 1 : a study of current travel habits

Step 2 : a study of mutli-modal journeys from home to work/school/the destination

Step 3 : definition of objectives of the mobility plan, for example : to change from X% motorised journeys to X% non motorised

Step 4 : definition of measures to achieve objectives

Step 5 : implementation plan

We drive development of your mobility plan and accompany you every step and every pedal stroke of the way, through to it’s successful implementation.


Whether you are reviewing your workplace or developing a post COVID remote working/office working plan, data analysis and benchmarking are key to deciding on the most effective and appropriate solution to implement.

This is the heart of consultancy.

Whatever the subject, we apply out analytical skills and property knowledge to provide you with bespoke and balanced, independant advice.

Let’s build something together.

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