Retour au bureau après le COVID

Le personnel est naturellement nerveux à l’idée de reprendre le travail après la crise COVID-19.

Quelques correctifs immédiats peuvent rendre votre lieu de travail prêt pour le retour des employées et les rassurer sur la prise en compte de leur sécurité.

Voici notre liste de contrôle des correctifs immédiats pour votre lieu de travail post-COVID :

Home working survey

Staff will work from home more after COVID than they did before. For managers, it is key to understand staff’s homeworking situation, especially as it relates to productivity.

While staff are working from home, a short online survey will provide you with the data you need to craft a mixed home working and office working solution.

Here are 10 questions to survey your staff about home working. Questions can be modified as required and pasted into survey monkey.

Back to the office post COVID-19 checklist of immediate fixes

Staff are naturally nervous about returning back to work after the COVID-19 crisis.

A few immediate fixes can make your workplace COVID ready and reassure staff that their safety has been taken into account.

Here is our checklist of immediate fixes for your post COVID workplace:

Post COVID building modifications

Coming soon…

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