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Project management you can take pride in

You’ve got a lot on your plate, so why not partner with the experts? We’ll take care of planning, organising, and budgeting, giving you a roadmap directly to achieved project goals. You’ll deliver successful projects and make it look easy.

Personal connection comes standard

There’s no use in bringing on outside help if they just leave you in the cold. We’ll never bounce you from person to person. Instead, you get a single point of contact who’ll connect with you face-to-face whenever you need.

Real expertise that you and your entire team can rely on

Managing a project means taking full accountability, and you need someone you can trust. Our specialist knowledge gives us strong credibility to back you up when you advocate for advancement.

Frank analysis with full transparency

We support you in informed decision-making. We honestly assess the pros and cons, risks, opportunities, and cost. This means you can move forward with confidence.

What we do

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Dynamic and data-driven advancement

Project management

Your project needs specialist attention and maximum efficiency. Our project management is backed by data, driven by  proven methodology, and comes with regular reporting. We’re a flexible and trustworthy resource for any project.

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Active travel

You know that changing your organisation’s mobility habits is essential, but want an informed plan to advocate for change. Our active travel project management is professional, experienced, and compassionate. We use robust methodology and data to get senior management on board and help with the transition

Our data-driven methodology means improved efficiency, optimisation, and performance.

Cadence 8 is a bespoke, agile consultant for project management and mobility planning

We believe that impactful projects are backed by data and sparked by confident ideas. We’re proud of our international best practices, but we know that the personal connection really helps our clients go the distance.

Discover the cadence 8 difference

A single point of contact who understands your needs and goals

Data-driven analysis for informed decisions

Specialist guidance across the lifespan of your project

Monthly dashboard for honest project reporting

Based in Geneva

Risk management for maximised performance

The 8 questions to ask when starting your active travel project.

The first step in your mobility plan is a staff survey to understand their habits and challenges. 

Download here 8 survey questions to start your active travel project.

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