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Project management solutions built to last.

Whether it’s creating a workplace to attract the best staff or building for a future that’s constantly changing, you want business consulting that respects your budget and timeline. We provide project management services for people who want dynamic solutions to business problems.

Our project management toolkit helps you inspire organisational champions

Here’s how we help you move forward to your objective

Data-driven reporting to inform decision making

Proven methodology to guide your team through the transition

Project charter, dashboard, change control, timeline, and budget

International best practices applied to your local environment

Agile, efficient solutions that take the load off your busy schedule

Want proof?

We recently helped an organisation absorb a 20% staff increase with no extra office space.

How? Through data analysis we identified:


of the time desks were empty


of desks were removed, replaced with meeting pods, breakout spaces, and lounges


staff satisfaction with the new workplace after this dynamic change.

How we work

Driven by data and built on international standards



Understand your project

Each project begins by establishing governance and gathering all relevant information from you like floor plans, staff surveys, annual reports, strategic plans, and current policies. We always visit you so we can meet you and your team



Define project needs

With all necessary information in hand, we analyse everything we’ve received. We identify key questions for the decision-making team and create a project charter for your review.



Identify solutions

Once the project charter is approved, we develop concepts to address the problem that needs solving. We confirm viability of the project and present our concepts to you and other decision-makers.



Create a detailed plan

After concept selection, we prepare a detailed implementation plan that includes the timeline, budget and scope of services




We move forward, ensuring that the project charter is respected with a progress dashboard, monitoring, measuring, and reporting. If there are time, budget, or scope adjustments to be made, our change control process provides honest reporting on the impacts of any change, allowing you to make informed decisions about scope change.




Your new normal

Your project is complete, but we’re not going anywhere quite yet. We give guidance and support for the ongoing transition, helping you get through it with confidence. We monitor and measure for as long as you need.


Move with confidence to your own beat