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Solving Problems, Journeying Together

The name Cadence 8 is inspired by rhythm. The rhythm of turning the pedals is different from one cyclist to the next, even if they go at the same speed. The rhythm of a project is dictated entirely by the client, whether fast and frenetic, slow and deliberate, or somewhere in between.

When we get to know a client, we discover what’s really driving them. Do they want to go on a long-haul journey with their team, or set off at high speed towards a prize at the finish line? Understanding the cadence of a client is at the heart of everything we do. The personal connection lets us choose the gear and the route so we can travel together over the ups and downs, and enjoy the ride.

Coming from New Zealand – a nation of problem-solvers – our founder Rachel was also inspired by number 8 wire. This ubiquitous, lightweight wire is used for all sorts of projects and represents the resourcefulness of Rachel’s home country.

Cadence 8 is all about forward motion, creative solutions, and solving problems together.

Our Team

Rachel Stillwell

Founder and Project Manager

Rachel is passionate about cycling and making positive change in the world.

Through Cadence 8, she applies these principles to bring forward movement, sustainable practices, and people-first solutions to business. Rachel has 15+ years of experience delivering complex projects in both the UK and Switzerland. An RICS-accredited project manager, Rachel holds an MBA in Construction and Real Estate, bringing a deep understanding of the business drivers behind every project. Rachel won the Alan Everitt Award for her MBA thesis on the Impact of the Workplace on Business Performance.

Bryan Crump

Data Analyst and Automation Engineer

Bryan is fascinated by future tech like AI and data robotics—and an avid cyclist as well.

Through Cadence 8, he inspires organisations to move forward with innovative ideas in automation, data analysis, and solutions for a greener future. Bryan has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Automation from the Engineering Institute of Technology. Bryan has extensive experience working across Europe, including UK and Switzerland.

Passionate about cycling, we’re all about doing good.

We’re grateful to be part of such an inspiring and progressive business community, and are proud to support local cycling causes to get people moving.

Our community and cycling stories:

We set the cadence for inspiring results​

Cadence 8 is moving to New Zealand from October 2023